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Dear visitors,

Thank you for visiting the Site and showing your interest in Learning English.

There is no team behind this website. It is just me and my computer in my spare time. Main motto to build this site, is to help all those who need support of Hindi to learn English. Without understanding basics of English, it is very difficult to learn English.

I dream that everyone should learn English as a second language for more success in life.

In the present era, Internet is an ocean of knowledge and a boon to learn anything on-line. I am happy to make a tiny contribution so that others can take benefit from it.

I request for the ideas to develop the site further.

I shall be grateful for pointing out errors observed by you in the site material. That will be a contribution from your side and will help in making site more beneficial for others.

Please apprise about ideas, views or any error at : seoindias@gmail.com

Enjoy browsing.