Claiming Rent – Financial Correspondence Letter Writing Samples/Format

Claiming Rent

146, Coldheart Colony,
February 12, 200X.

Mr. Shyam Maihotra
4/B 85, Maha Lakshmi,

Dear Sir,
May I remind you that rent for the premises occupied by you at the above address has been due from you for the last three months.

I shall be grateful if you send payment in respect of the same before the end of the current month.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully
Joseph Stephen

Reply to above

Dear Mr. Joseph Stephen,
Thank you for your reminder. I regret to say that payment of your rent was delayed on account of unavoidable circumstances.

Please find enclosed a cheque for Rs. 400/-. This makes the payment of rent up to date.
Please acknowledge receipt.

Yours Faithfully
Shyam Maihotra

Negative Reply to above

Dear Mr. Stephen,
My current financial commitments do not permit me to make full payment of the rent to you this month, but I will certainly try to clear that dues before the end of the next month.

I hope you would not mind the trouble.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully
Shyam Maihotra

Another Negative Reply

Dear Mr. Stephen,
I am sorry to have troubled you, but it was on purpose that I withheld the payment of your rent. As I have repeatedly drawn your attention, repairs to my fiat have long fallen overdue. As you have not fulfilled your promise of effecting the repairs, I am myself planning to do the same and deduct the cost from the rent payable.

Hope you would appreciate my difficulties and approve of this arrangement.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully
Shyam Malhotra



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