Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper complaining about electricity

Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper complaining about the frequent breakdown of electricity in your locality.

29, Vivek Vihar,
New Delhi
5th March, 200X

The Editor
The Tribune
New Delhi.

Would you kindly permit me to use the columns of your esteemed national daily to highlight the hardships faced by the residents of this locality regarding frequent breakdown of electricity. All the times, the voltage is so low that it is better to use candle sticks. The houses remain in darkness and nothing is visible the concerned authorities have been approached from time to time but they pay a deaf ear to our genuine complaints.

It is hidden to none that electricity has become a basic necessity in our everyday life. Breakdowns cause a great difficulty and confusion. Even the students are unable to study properly. The shopkeepers are compelled to close their shops early and the basic requirements of day to day cannot be purchased in the dark evening Activities of anti-social elements have become common. The authorities are requested to pay attention to our complaint and improve the breakdown of electricity.

Thanking you,
Yours Faithfully



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