Write a Letter to Requesting Provide a Testimonial – Sample & Format

Request for a Testimonial

The Principal,
Dayal Singh College,

Dear Sir,
As I have applied for a part-time job of a journalist in the Amrit Bazar Patrika, kindly give me a testimonial as desired by the editor of the paper.

Thanking You,
Yours obediently,
Krishna Kumar

Reply to above

Dear Sir,
Kindly supply us the details of your career in institution to enable this office to provide you with the requisite testimonial.

Yours Faithfully
Payan Bhattanagar,

Details of Testimonial

Dear Sir,
With reference to your letter dated……………. I have the honour to provide the following details of my career-
1. I have been a student of the college for five years, 200
2. Passed Intermediate examination
3. Always obtained high marks in English.
4. Was interested in extra-curricular activities.
5. Took active part in the debating club.
6. Was secretary of the Boat Club.
7. Organized social functions in the college.

Kindly, grant me a testimonial at an early date.

Yours obediently,
Krishna Kumar


This is to certify that Mr. Krishna Kumar, who has been my student during 200 was one of the most brilliant students of the English class, and was inspired by original and creative ideas as exhibited in his various contributions to the college magazine. He had been an active member of the College Debating Society and took an enthusiastic part in all extra-curricular activities particularly the social function whereof he proved to be a very good organizer.

He bears a good moral character with sterling gifts, and I have no hesitation in strongly recommending him to all those with whom his future may be associated.

Payan Bhattanagar

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